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Volume Control + Pro

0.99 usd

Volume Control+ Pro is improved version of Volume Control+ with additional features and Ad-freeVolume Control+ is a volume control app that support changing control types and colors.
Three kinds of control types- Volume dial : Feeling of analog device Buttons : Precise control Seek bars(sliders) : Quick and easy ※ If you want to know the total volume in dial control mode, turn your device into horizontal
Volume control- Media, Ring, Notifications, In-call, alarm, system
Mute and unmute
Vibratemode setting(ring and notification)
Change ringermodes- Normal, Vibrate, Silent
Change colors- Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Vanilla, Ice blue, Strawberry
System settings- Change ringtone- Use incoming call volume for notifications
Preset(Profile)- You can make a volume preset(profile) for frequently used settings, and by using app for preset(It is available with the Pro version) can be applied quickly
Homescreen widget
Lock volume- 'Lock volume' prevent unwanted changing volume and ringermode (The volume will be fixed in locked state, but this application can control the volume in lock state)

※ Screen is optimized for smartphones. In tablet pc, screen may not be correct.